Top 10 Blake Shelton Songs

October 4th, 2018

Everyone knows Blake Shelton as the wisecracking coach of NBC’s The Voice, who is known throughout social media circles far and wide for his fun-loving witty wordplay. Of course, country fans have known just how talented the Oklahoma native is.

In choosing a list of 10 Blake Shelton songs that stand as his best, Billboard tried to find the right mix of Shelton being humorous — and him at his most heartbreaking. With more than 20 number one hits to his credit, it’s a tough call. But here are 10 that have helped him to build one of the biggest careers in the entertainment world today.

10. Blake Shelton – “Some Beach”

9. Blake Shelton – “Every Time I Hear That Song”

8. Blake Shelton – “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”

7. Blake Shelton – “Goodbye Time”

6. Blake Shelton – “God Gave Me You”

5. Blake Shelton feat. Pistol Annie’s & Friends – “Boys ‘Round Here”

4. Blake Shelton – “Austin”

3. Blake Shelton feat. Ashley Monroe – “Lonely Tonight”

2. Blake Shelton – “Ol’ Red”

1. Blake Shelton – “The Baby”

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