Why Zedd Chose Maren Morris for His New Song

February 2nd, 2018

Maren Morris has got it all. When it comes to her new single with Zedd and electronic brother duo Grey, it’s as “natural” as can be.

PEOPLE caught up with Zedd behind-the-scenes during the music video shoot for their new single “The Middle” — which Target debuted in a commercial during the 60th Grammy Awards on Sunday — and he revealed it wasn’t exactly third times the charm when they chose “the one” for the vocals behind their new track.

“[Grey and I] went through roughly 15 different vocalists – mostly pop and lots of A-listers – but it just didn’t fit,” says Zedd. “The song is very emotional and real, so it has to be someone who could really carry it.”

Zedd jetted off to Nashville to meet Morris — and within 30 minutes knew “she was the one.”

“Then, we recorded Maren and she sounded incredible, and everybody who loved this song already fell in love with it even more, so we knew she was the one,” he adds.